Hallo X 1/9 Freunde,

Bald gibt es wieder neue X 1/9 DOMSTREBEN, passend fur alle X 1/9 1300, 1500 und i.e.




Anbei eine Bewertung aus die USA:

Hi all,

I came across those strut braces (I and II) while browsing the web, searching for parts for my X1/9.

I first emailed Henk (the store's owner) to be sure that, once in place, the front brace doesn't interfere with the storage of the targa top; once it assured me that it wasn't the case, I've ordered both braces.

They arrived about a week later, the installation was a breeze, they bolted right in place on my '81 X (and yes, the top still fits nicely in the front trunk).

Man, what a difference those braces make! The car is WAY more stiff, the handling is really improved. There's less chassis flex, especially during cornering. The ride is still comfortable. It's almost like I got a new car .

I think it's the best 400 CAD that I spent on the car so far.

I'm not affiliated or any way associated with X1/9 Parts Holland, I just wanted to let you know that thoses braces did the job for me


Henk Martens


Nun gut wenn die Leute damit zufrieden sind... sind halt so ziemlich wirkungslos.
Reicht vmtl für die meisten Leute, die ihren X eh nie in einen Bereich bringen wo das eine Rolle spielt...
mfg., Manfred